What exactly indoor plants need?

Plants, those green leafy roommates, need a bit more than just your occasional forgetful watering schedule. Think of them as the divas of the plant world – they demand attention and care without actually saying a word. It’s all about light, water, oxygen, and maybe a little compliment here and there to keep them thriving indoors. Just remember, happy plants make for a happier living space!

If plants could talk, they would probably say, “Water me, give me light, and maybe a little love too!”  plants are like the needy but adorable pets of the plant world. They need water, sunlight, proper potting soil, and occasional TLC to thrive and brighten up your indoor space. Just remember: happy plants make for a happy home!

Indoor plants for:

LOW LIGHT :Plants suitable for north-facing windows or locations along interior walls. Many plants labeled for low-light conditions tolerate it and grow slower, but may do better in slightly brighter or medium light. 

MEDIUM/BRIGHT, INDIRECT/FILTERED LIGHT :Plants suitable for east-facing windows, south- or west-facing windows that have sheer coverings over them, or 3 to 5 feet from south- or west-facing windows.

BRIGHT/HIGH LIGHT :Plants suitable for unobstructed south- or southwest-facing windows.

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